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it really makes up my day with William Tell Overture. Hi Ho Silver!

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thank you Run Run Shaw

i always wonder why he called Run Run Shaw. it seems that his real name is 邵仁楞.

thank you for producing so much movies that i loved.

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2014 new year resolution

hmm what i want for this year:

1. PS4

2. better working environment

3. get rotten without anyone realizing


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2013 year end wrap up

okie.. another year passed and another year end wrap up.

been to casino for the first time ever. playing the slot machine and lost all my bet. well basically just keep on button pressing until all money lost.

got a Labrador

past my first ever winter in china

paid 10k for the company due to boss and company never back me up. Big Sad face on this.

cast my vote for the general election with hope.

move to another appartment, with smaller size and aged furniture and broken lights + no heater. surviving still though.

GM knows zero on comupter knowledge. /faceplam


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