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back in many years ago, people always give ways to ambulants when they switch on the emergency siren and light. but what have i witness last now, nobody gives a damn. they just let the poor ambulant stuck in the traffic and nobody willing to move! what is wrong with these people?

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yes the world of Azeroth has been shattered. the shattering was launch 2 days ago and i missed some of the events due to the passoword getting reset. ><

entering the new world now. with some old friends that i have never met before. haven’t done much exploration over the new world of Azeroth,  visited Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnasus, slight changes with some area torn apart, nothing serious though, never visit Exodar yet, never interested in that place too lazy to visit, it’s like a maze there with violet color painted on the wall, and my eyes hurt. Darkshore, the first ever place i have ever visit  after Darnasus, was severely torn apart.  look at auberdine, it’s a ruin now. ><


Booty bay were having a tsunami during the shattering, poor goblins. some of the building were collapse, and rebuilding is in process now.  look at the poor statue, broken arm, surrounded by seaweed ><

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Cute Doggy

just came back from ex-colleagues gathering dinner. met a nice cute puppy at the food court there, so adorable. too bad i cant keep it or else i would have to bring it back home. the puppy are light brown in color with white spot on heads and all over the paws, floppy ears and looks so active in the food court running around everywhere. i love dogs, they made a good companion. sigh… only if i lived alone in a terrace house.

finally i got my wow password reset works… it’s about the right time to go back to the world of Azeroth.

my best buddy

this is buddy, the one i used to have,  and i missed him so much.

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in my life since i have learned that good things never happened twice, but i also learn that bad things never came alone! and yes crap this i am having toothache and it hurts! fuck this shit come more pain! i m still able to write, what worse could it come? bring it on! a men should have no fear over pain, unfortunate events and bad luck! come over! i am still able to stand and blog about this!

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well this game hard as hell, cant beat the at all star level unless i am getting a superstar team. one good thing for this game is that they have brought back NBA Legends Micheal Jordan. my all time legends.

Former basketball player Michael Jordan

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好久都没有一个人呆在星期六的家里了。。。穷啊。。。不过也好,夜阑人静, 落得清闲 。。。12月快到了, 一转眼, 又是一年了。还是那样穷, 还是那样快乐,几时会到个头啊?人说人生无穷无尽 , 变来变去, 我还是我,只是岁月不饶人。 ><

我变了吗? 变了 。。咋变的?为什么变啊?哎呀, 反正时间到了, 人就会变。变好了, 也变坏了, 变的有耐性了,也边的更暴躁了。变的多言了, 也边的寡言了。没什么好奇怪的,也没什么大不了的。人啊。。。善变。。。

人说天下无不散之筵席,我同意。 缘分尽了,也每什么好讲的, 无论是多么好的朋友, 也会有走到头得时候 。 今天也许别人觉得我错了, 那我就错了。 我不想给我自己说什么,说了也没用。

凡事太尽, 缘分势必早尽。

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Finally, Windows 7 is done.

yep, just finished setting my windows 7 64 bit last night and installing the windows live writer to test out if it able to connect to my wordpress. here, below are my screen shotOpen-mouthed smile 


there’s massive traffic jam today again after the working hours, thanks to the rain fall this morning, everyone is driving to work. and well expected to be jammed all over the island, some of the main roads only have 2 lanes for each way. >.< so decided to go dinner at Daorae bbq restaurant again, its been a while since I go there, the korean boss still recognize me though, and serve me with extra free steam eggs and fried pan cake. Open-mouthed smile didn’t order much this time, hate eating alone. only order the pork neck part.

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the sound of silence

i never like to argue with friends, whenever they made a false statement. they have plant the seed in their mind when they think the statement made by them are correct, there’s no point i would make myself so difficult to correct what they have in mind. i just let them go along. i don have much friends in real life, sometimes i have doubt that if my life will be better without any friends. well of course it is not always true. i enjoy of chatting with my internet friends more than my real life friends, at least they are listening to what i said. or at least i get a respond from them.

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Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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well finally going to upgrade to Microsoft Windows-7. installed 32 bit on my notebook at work, loved the designs, but kinda slow. still have lotsa things to adapt though, since that i am a classic windows supporters for years. even though that i am using windows vista for years, i am still get used of the classic control panels, classic windows themes and classic startup menu. ><

it’s something that i should have let go and looking forward for a new thing. lets start with the Operation system. downloading 64 bit right now, 2 more hours to finished.

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it’s been a while. yes, i have lost the interest to keep me on writing my blog. one of the reason is that i m so out of rage, not really wanted to curse anyone or anything recently. nothing much to share also in my recent life, just work, wow, movie, playing ps3 and hanging out with my frens on network games. nothing much special really happens. to me its a good thing, having routines life is good, don’t really need to have extra mind to worry about the expected. ><


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