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time to wake up

well thank you for giving me such a sweet dreams. but a dream always a dream, there will be a time for me to wake up and realize that it is a dream. i have lost myself for the past few weeks and right now it’s time for me to wake up. time to do what i should do and time to see the real world again. i’ve told someone that there will be a time for everyone to find a way when they are lost, and how exactly u will find the way, will be base on your great self. no one will give u a way, guidance maybe, but if you were waiting someone to show u how, i guess u just never grow up. u have turn up nothing but just a crying baby.

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sleepless in penang

yea due to my mental sickness i m happened to be sleepless at nite again. ><
since i m playing less on wow i have too much nap time between the time when i reach home and the time i actually need to sleep, my sleeping time has gone upside down. it happenes few years ago, when most of this time, my virtual world frens starting leaving or transfer or quitting on wow. it leaves a big gap for me between the real and virtual world. i just have too much time and i donno what else to do. kinda failure ><
ppl always ask me to go socialising. where "socializing" is not really what i wanted to. my needs are simple. being ableto staying home with couples of frens(real or virtual) making up jokes, talking crap or even life time experience sharing, could made up my day. well sometimes so simple thing are soo difficult to achive. ><
there’s only few things i love to do to bid my time, mainly are games(most of the time), movies, comics, novel. when in the sudden i’ve found that all these things that i m interested to do always, i don like them anymore. omfg, i hope i am not getting a mid age crissis this soon.

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crazy year end bonaza

every year at this time. i always have my minds dislocated with my heart. it’s just like a routine. when i looked back in my past blog.. in the last season of the year i always had that kinda feeling and i had to fix it every year. maybe it’s year end, so my minds starting running wild, off away and never wanna work well. maybe i m losing my heart… everything is just a mess right now in my herad. i need to sort it out one by one. just that after while it get mess up again after the sorting. maybe it was affected by daylight saving time >< who knows. (well actually i d0) i just don wanna reveal them ><
perhaps hynotize helps, some said it can go deep in ur minds and dig up whatever inside. yea it works, tried that many years ago. but still i prefer to overcome it by facing them by the real me. who i am and what i was. in contious mind and knowing what i am doing.
i am no french i am not going to run away from my atmostfear but i m stand still and face them.

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1. if i am writting blogs so frenquently that means that i am too bore at the moment and couldnt find anything else to do
2. i like to defend and do counter in my minds but my heart always likes to attack and never wait. i am having a synchronisation problems between my minds and my heart. some ppl say act before u think. some ppl said always follow ur heart. ><
3. i hate tuesday. because of blizzard. i am lost between real life and vitual world.

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my beijing trip II

at nite time, when i was planning to go to have my peking roasted duck at chuan ju de, so i go to jian men. that place were still under renovation though. not many shops open that time when i visit there, all building are build with the looks of qing dynasty building. there’s one big arrow tower just infront of the streets. bad things is when the time i arrive there they have already sold off their roasted duck >< bugger… so i just went back to my staying and having a beef noodles there. and help out an aussie to order some food… poor waitress are so helpless when they met with foreigner that cant speak chinese ><
the 2nd day, another painful day for me as i goes to tian tan, a place where emporer worship the gods. i take the subway train to the destination, thankfully my hotel i stayed just close to the subway station, it can get me to anywhere in bejing city fast :D.  the place that i m going to visit, the tian tan, is 4 times big as the forbidden city, omfg, i walk until both of my legs gonna break. the enterance fee costs me rmb60, which include 3 of the main scenary in tian tan. there’s a few place inside that costs extra charges if u r going to visit them. actually don really have much time to do so coz that place is gigantically huge! most of it are gardens… but from a scene a to scene b u might need to walk up to 1.5-2 km >< i stay up to 6 hours inside before i can find my way out from there >< totally exhausted and take a cab back to jian men to tried my luck on the roasted duck again. this time i finally have my roasted duck in chuan ju de. but for the taste… i rate it just so so only. totally diffrent from what i have expected. with full of disapointment, i take the subway back to the hotel again and have a rest before the later nite i go and visit some hu tong in beijing. 

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backpack alone experience

again, this year, i m going to backpack for the 3rd time soon. most of the backpack trip i had wasnt a long ones, but so far it was joyful to me. the longest backpack i had stay for around half month which it was my first ever backpack experience.
so, what should u be prepare if you plan to travel alone? first of all you have to ask urself if that you are mentally prepare? to most of the kiddo who gets pampered too much by their parents, Don’t do this! take my advice. for someone who expect to meets ppl during the trip, i advice u go with group of ppls instead of travelling alone. you might get in trouble talking to strangers >< and u might not able to get help if u are in a strange place and if you are alone. backpack alone are like somekinda self exile, setting self alone in a strange place and try to observe or try to be the locals there. you will not enjoy too much of luxury food as you eat alone and mostly you cant order much for every meal unless u get someone else to join with u. you will have to bear and carry the backpack yourself most of the time, which it weighs 10-15 kg in average. you will have communication barrier with the locals and most of the time sign languages helps alot. you will get cornered easily if someone else is picking on you coz you are alone. you need to know who to look for help coz u are alone. so, if you metally prepare to face the above mention, the congratulations, you are mentally prepare. once you are mentally prepare, start planing your destination and durations for the stay.
then we go to financially preparation. first of all, you will need a backpack. depending of the location and the durations and also the weather i.e in winter u need to get more gears than summer time, you need to get suitable backpack. here’s some tip for getting one. first to consider: how big? the unit of measurement for a backpack are either in liters or cubic inches(ci). the most common ones will be in between 50-80 liters or 3000-5000 ci. which usually holds 10-15kg of loads. next: comfort vs fit : bear in mind that you are the one who carries them urself, 15kg will be quite heavy for a small size ppl…here’s a good link to backpack Guide. once you got ur backpack, next will be the fitting. know where are you going to visit, the weather and the temperature. -15′, 0′, 15′,30′ Celsius may  needs different kinda fittings. also consider of the visiting place’s culture. next will be the gadget you will need to bring when u are traveling alone. it can be books, ipod, handheld game console, notebooks, gps,torch light, papper spray… that can be consider. depends on how much u can carry. also need to be consider that the electric current if u are bringing eletric components. get a converter always help. next: get budget for hotel u gonna stay, check on the local average prices for the hotels, if u don plan to sleep in the park or railway station. trust me it will be a freezing hell when the temperature around 15′ at nite if u are sleeping in the park. next budget for food and transport. never under estimate the transport fees, air tickets, train, taxi, buses, rent bicycles…. it all costs money. and it costs alot. don’t budget too much for food as most of the time u will be eating alone. plan for the enterance money for the place u gonna visit also plan for some extra cash for the just in case incident. credit cards helps but not in all situations. cash is ur frens ><

so once u are ready for the above, make sure u are fit enough. u need to walk and carry at least 10-15kg backpack.. its quite painful. u have to carry it when u going to pee, when u going from one place to another… when the moment u start walking, u have to carry them…. do some physical training if u are totally unfit before u consider going….



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