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Finally got my LCD TV for my PS3 and getting monitor cable to try to connect using PC to my LCD TV. well the quality is terrible i can say. well just wanna try the movies and see if the output is good hehe

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money get owed

car broken = 350
JA Boss A = –  80
JA Boss B = –  80
JA Boss C = –  50
help me to do the calculation.

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new year resolution

make myself moneyless. have to spent my money.
"be happy, as happy man is always a rich." need to experience and i hope it is true. living as a poor rich man.
go on vacation
reset the path of my life. i aint lost, i just donno where to go. journey to the far helps. someone told me i was born in the wrong era. i was meant to be a hippy. well it sure be fun to be a hippi, pots, thinking of value of livings, hippi musics… it sure be great… someone said i should seek for the theory of Zen, well, what is Zen? when you are hungry, u eat, when u are tired, u sleep, when u are happy, u smile, when u are sad, u cry. simple theory. sadly i failed to do so from years to years. someone said i should find my way to climb higher towards higher post in my job. well to be such an asshole like my boss, hmm not a bad idea, at least i can ruins someone else holidays or merging the company that i used to wrok hard… someone said i should follow my heart, well after been working so sucha long time and gaining so much weight, i have a hard time finding where it located, maybe it is not there anymore… someone said i should better go and kill myself, to end the pathetic story of my pathetic life, well i just realize that the old i grow, the more i fear of death, i doubt it if i still have guts to do so… maybe if i am 10 years younger, i would… too many mind, and i need to find 1 mind and keep on focus on it. too many mind… not good…

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the joy of getting new toy

well what’s the joy of getting a ps3? i am suppose to be cheerful, yet somehow i don feel it. it suppose to help me to forget something, yet i still cant let it go. am i a happy man? i am not. that’s y i feel poor… and i am poor… after getting so much stuffs…

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