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human management

so many things to manage… in life… in work.. in game… what’s most difficult to manage? well the answer in all. no matter how do i plan.. there’s always an exceptional cases happen, unhandled. well maybe i need to plan more wisely to handle such unhandled cases… but again.. plan vs time vs resources.. again.. it’s a problem… whenever resources = human, there’s always a problem… they have their own thinking and might not having the same thought with me so it is hard to get them into the plan… as myself in life.. i plan to get a house for my parents… well it fails as my mom doesnt like it… as in work… i plan the schedule for my team members.. not really everyone follows and some member giving me a pos program and i need to get other to cover the work…  as in game… i plan for guildies to work out.. well it always have something happens… human… always are the trouble…. well.. i m a trouble to fellow colleagues.. my friends and family and my guildies too i guess…
should have look for arms and eliminate those trouble…. hmm.. i hope i am just kidding… please stop thinking negetively….

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