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爱人回来 回到我身边

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New year Plan

1. Find a new job!
2. Moving house!
3. travel to china! again?!
4. done all raid in wotlk!

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tiring working days

havent up into the land of azeroth for few days in streaks. physical are tired, mind are getting tired.

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about time to get retrench

work in here is almost done. guess it’s my turn this time to be retrenched. what to do, work for fucking boss. after getting retrench said ppl no performance… well i m what i am. say whatever you want. as if i care.

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money to be spent

To be Spent:
1. Sofa bed
2. LCD TV maybe
3. Travel!

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2008 year end wrap up

1. Never trust your boss. they can backstap you anytime anywhere anyplace. even though u have a good performance or been working in the company for so long. when they gonna fired u, they just will.
2. never trust what ur boss said. boss said no retrenchment, retrenched. said give me a letter to ceo for a salary raise, no salary raised. said gave us incentive if the department is making profit, no incentive. they just gonna pat us and make us work hard and at the end of days, stab us in the back and get rid of us when the job is done and when no more job requires us to work on.
3. i know who gave the schindler’s list. i just pretend i donno.
4. some bosses play better politicians roles than others by keeping quiet.
5. enraged this fucking entire year. contributes more rewards less. being treated unfairly.
6. social life almost equal to 0.
7. likes someone, but love myself more. gave up further relationship to avoid not being myself.
8. cancel the appointment with my ex gf just because my boss screw me up. he always does. well thats one of the reason.
9. never like to curse so many ppl in all my life this year. at least 3-4 i am cursing now and still everyday i m cursing at them. never in my life i hated ppl so much until i donwan to look at their pathetic face. someone, u really sux!!!!
10. this year is a total fuck up. but i lived with it. and i lived through it.
11. got a house and car which is not under my willingness. still have to pay the loans.

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