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well, snowball effect happens again in my company, one ppl leaving, job pass to someone else, someone else leaving, job ++ pass to someone else, someone else again leaving… so.. from a 30++ man power company turns to 10++ man power. and job is getting heavier for some group of ppl, NOT EVERYONE, but some group of ppl. i hope they aint plan to leave soon.
the place i used to call 2nd home, i don feel it anymore somehow. now it is just a place for me to work, and to go back home when i finishes my work. too many procedure things to follow, well its a BIG company anyway. like it or not, i have to follow. they said we should stand at management side, but when come certain things, i am the last one to know. do i feel happy? yes i am, salary wise. other than that, it just a working place for me. do i have a better or friendlier enviroment? there’s no more company event anymore. no ones intended to join. my boss is too fucking stingy to be able to spent a penny on the employees, every events that have tried to be organised, every members have to paid by themselves, who wants to go for this so called company event? he is borned to be a lepricon.
well keep on the happy thought 🙂 salary wised.
my boss fuck me hard which i try to ignore, my customer fuck my hard which i try to improve, my team screw me hard which i try to cover their asses, i screw myself hard which i shouldnt bought a new car.

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