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2 days ago, i was driving down my way to KL with someone. i was driving like 80kph. then that someone ask me to step in paddle. so i did. then i drive around 120kph. not long later, there’s a road block where the cops stopping me and i was told that i was speeding. but finally it was settle. i never bribe the police but he just let me go. then i tell that someone that he ask me to speeding, he then denied it. he told me that he actually meant to ask me to drive at 110 kph. hell yea… i do comment that in my blog before that “ NEVER TRUST YOUR BOSS”. it once again prove that the statement was very true. pity…

we are just the tools of someone else. when we are broken or found no longer suitable for use, we will be dump. that is a very real fact. my boss hint me that someone in my team that he is planning to get rid of. i think he is hinting me to try to find a way to get that someone off… well, IDGAF. when the time comes, i don really have to do anything, that someone will step into my boss trap and kill themselves. so IDGAF.

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Beijing here i come!

well browse thru air asia webpage and found that it is quite cheap to travel to Beijing. only costs me RM700. applying my leave for one week on end of July or beginning of August. haven been planned to go for 2 years yet due to 2008 Beijing Olympic games so had to delay my trip and going elsewhere. few place definitely gonna visit, the great wall, tian an gate, the forbidden city and the national museum oh yea and the bird cage and water cube as well. can’t hardly wait for that.  hopefully there’s no crash with my job schedule.

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Sweet Dreams

it’s a rainy day, simon and bakai was waiting for me at car while i m having some coversation with bakai’s family. apparently its fictional. i was chatting with his fictional little sister and then later i was found in her bedroom and banging her and founded that she was a virgin. and all of sudden simon and bakai seems coming up from car park and looking for me, then the bedroom’s door was opened by simon! zomg i m still laiding bakai’s sister that time! lol i signal him to close to door not to let bakai see this or else my head will be chopped off by laiding bakai’s sister. damn i have gone too far…  the dreams ended by she is asking me if i would marry her… zomg i think i couldnt take it as i have to call it the end. marriage… what a horrible terms to me. by looking at my pathetic boss i don really think its a good idea. well back to the dreams… my head are so tired after i woke up. its 7 am in the morning. my brains have work out actively all day long without a rest!

i call it a sweet dreams because i have not wet it on myself! 😀

its gonna be a tiring day to work… what a start.

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he’s my boss that i have report to since a few month after i join NDT. for the first time when i met with him, it is at Sunshine food court while i am having my lunch with other colleagues and he just join in. he ordered the duck drumstick with noodles in herbal soup that time with wearing the NDT t-shirt, so casual. never thought he is one of the boss in NDT. from the first look i feel that he is one cunning kind bastard. never really thought i would reported to him directly a few month later.

i was excited yet also concern about reported to him once i get the notice. the thing that excited my was i can finally goes down and work in KL and stay with my girlfriend that time. the concern is about the way he work. so many rumors that passes in the office that he is not a good tempered guy and he has a high expectation on every programmer.  the girl that i am suppose to work together resigned and wishes me luck on this. :-/

well after working with him, certain expectation has to be meet, short tempered? don really feel that as long as he doesn’t get complains from the customer. people think he is short tempered maybe he curses a lot. well so do i. 😀

he earn my respect from the passion he have to his work and his knowledge to the product we are selling, also to admit failure but still strive to makes things work out. when the time i m doing his farewell dinner he is still advising me about my work.

he is schedule to be gone for good on the coming 15th may. and here i have to say good bye to him and thank him for everything i have learned from him. also all the best to him.

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is this a fact?

when u are thinking, be aware the direction of ur eyes. its either u look up or look side. whats the different?
if u look up, it tells that u are actually visualizing something from ur mind.
if u look side, it tells that u are trying to recall some conversation or something u have heard.

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