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lesson no 1

first thing first, what’s important? think. yes, u have to learn to think, think before you act, think before you say. think before you start doing anything.  let me quote this for you:

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

when you starts thinking, things never goes wrong. look around you, you will easily find out who never use their brains to think, it is not difficult to find out, if you gets whom i am pointing to. if you do, papa is glad, it shows that the brains are developing well.

to help you to think, try to play chess, board games, brain teasing games, any games that utilized brains are good for you.

to help you to think further, then go open up your eyes, go see the world, see how much differences are in this world would be, how much differences from what you have lived up and this world, how small we are.

there are never be a good thoughts or bad thoughts, there are only positives and negetives thoughts, and please son, always keep the positive ones, negative thoughts brings no values but constructive and catastrophic consequences, it always leads you to the wrong decisions. in your character, you can be good or bad character, i do not mind that you would become a terrorist or mobster, just don;t make a wrong decisions due to the negative thoughts.

one mind at a time, too many minds, no good. well we will go through that when it reaches lesson no.95, concentrates.

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WoW – 2004 – 2010. even many years later, i still remember those who stand by my side. it’s been fun tanking. thank you blizzards. it’s a big part of my life, even in sucha short time, it had bring me friends, for what most important. learn to share the joy and glories, eventhough most of friends were gone, but they have always lived in my minds, in my memories, never wiped out.

ono, ono jr. and buddy, well yeah they were my pets, and i missed them. ono the boxer, had to give up coz parents wouldnt allows it, ono jr the JRT, runaway from home and never came back. buddy my most favor and loyal beagle, it’s been sad for me to put you to the bad hands which i unable to find you after.

Yarl, the girl i loved her so much that i had to move and stay in KL. i guess i made a bad call but it is good to see for what you have achieve. you always wonder why and i never told you the reason. i am still a boy during that time and couldn’t take much of a responsibility. hurting you is the least things i would do somehow i did it. i always hope that you would find someone that really loves you and live happily ever after.

brando and pronto, and i still owe pronto a big mag. RIP, life’s short, it would never be enough, but i am glad to meet the both of you.



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前几天,在公司楼下等电梯的时候,有个小女孩跟着她的奶奶也在那儿等电梯。 奶奶看见了我,叫小女孩叫我叔叔。 小女孩叫了, 我笑笑。 然后小女孩爆了一句:“叔叔, 你好丑哟!” 我当时大笑了, 奶奶不好意思笑了。小女孩看见我们都笑了,又得意洋洋的爆了一句:“你有胡子,你是男人!” 呵呵, 多聪明的小女孩。“对了,我是男人”我乐呵呵的对小女孩说。


我也觉得变丑了,瘦了25公斤,没有胖的可爱了。 囧。。。

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Brando passed away

well I’ve barely know you much but i guess we could be a good buddies, and you shall always be missed. it’s the saddest news that i have heard you passed away today. may you rest in peace.  strangely this morning i would think of getting a dog today and your master tells me the news. i will always missed you, and pronto too.


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10. the are so unreasonable, in which reason are stuck in UN and BLE makes them can’t see it.
9. they would neg until they get what they want, go on to be a crying baby, like it works.
8. they would suffer amnesia when things get bad and never learn from the lessons.
7.they thought that they are so superior that every one else speaks ape language.
6. in contrary, human language are too low level for them, they are the one who speaks to ape.
5. the could create 10000 excuses to turn you down, in which it makes u to be the one who are unreasonable?!
4. blames you for never give consultation/advise, regardless how many times you start with the conversation “and i told you so….”
3. ears 2, brain 1, either one are not functioning. mostly the later one.
2. friends? sorry do they own any? any that would gave them a hand when they need one?
1. the mother earth become so polluted because of their existance!

seriously, run! whenever there are one that are so unreasonable and beyond your level to pull them out, don’t waste your time. Giving up is a better choice.




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yay! happy full moon old.


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