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Euro cup Again

4 years ago, when Euro Cup is on, i was in KL, implementing the sickening WMS system.
4 Years Later, present, When Euro Cup is on, i am in KL, implementing the sickening WMS sytem. kinda Dejavu. only thing is, 4 years ago, i have 2 gals onside helping me. and now, i m on side ALONE. yes, alone. all the people are hiding and sitting confortablely back in PG office, enhancing the program. and i myself, have to face the customer and teach them how to use the system that with bugs, and trying to explain to cover their asses if any bugs encounter during the training. why? i guess my boss didn’t taking good care of people.
they place i stay is like a jail, only sleeping place and bathing is provided, no oven, no hot plate, but with a TV, which have poor reception, which they will expect everyone will stay there with a happy heart. they said they are improving, but hell i don see any improvement. even my own boss stay at other place. what makes people think that is a good place to stay?
i wanna apply for Broadband. finally they agree with that. my boss told me make sure it is UNLIMITED and able to WATCH MOVIE ONLINE. i apply for 4mbs package, then he told me no Budget but to get a 1 MB package. Hey! what kinda communication and expectation is that? if u wanna WATCH MOVIE ONLINE i don think 1mb is good enough.
i got a job offer. my boss asking me to stay and are willing to talk about the expectation management. and i m still waiting… yea.. still waiting… i failed.

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