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the joy and the sorrow

i visited my fren at alor star hospital this morning… he got a serious car accident and well he is fine after alll
i got called this evening from my sister that my brother in law was passed away.. well it’s a shocking news and it’s sad… he’s fell after playing basketball and then just passed away… my sister seems couldnt accept the fact and keep on telling us what was happen a few hour ago… well actually no many ppl from the family can accept that as well he’s so energetic and healthy… for me.. he’s a good and nice man… he work hard and spent hard… but he never over spent… he love basketball and like to watch nba…as he has show my who’s laryy bird.. drexler… olajuwan and micheal jordan..and since then..i love the nba too…he’s even give me some extra poket money when i was study in college as he knew that i am a big spender… even though he has 2 children of his own to feed… we share the same interest.. we both like to read huang yi’s novel.. we both like nba and football.. we like to eat the same good food… he’s even being nice and frenly to the frens of mine… he’s like a big brother to me as though we don have some good conversation this few years but i still respect him as my brother… as now… he has leave us and rest in peace…
i would never expect that i can cry that much as i was writting this… he’s the man that i respect and i should accepted his death with a peaceful mind..

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it’s a tired day for me as i am putting more and more pressure on myself again at work. and every nite i release them throw playing WoW… well a few thing still pending here and i hope that my boss can give me a date on when can i take my long holidays , he’s being promise me that i’ll have mine after i finished my current proj and i hope he’s the man who’ll kept his words… planning to go to fujian->xi hu -> shang hai on backpack yet everything is without a proper plan as i donno when i can take my leave…

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into the WoW

Well, it’s not my first time into MMORPG, i played RO before and i get bored. this time i have come back to WoW. and well the server was at Aus and US. so the speed is the only thing i want to complaint about. the latency of the connection ary very high, causing the game lag especially going into the monster lair and PvP match….

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