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last month of the year 2014

time flies. another year end is coming, i hate cold weathers, it freezes my ass off. don really have any motivation to work on anything, no wonder people have so much holidays in the year end. well, no in china though. like it or not, still have to get myself up and work. ><|||

even Junior is too lazy to move nowadays.

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me and my dog

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Must eat food in macao

No.1 Lord Stow’s Portugese Egg Tart

needless to say more. go try it and you tell me how good it is. they have a branch in Venetian Hotel now if you are staying in Taipa.

Lord Stow in Venetian

Lord Stow in Venetian

























No.2 澳门义顺牛奶公司

they have very nice and smooth 双皮奶. taxi driver take me to the old shop from taipa to somehwere near grand lisboa.













No 3 大利来记猪扒包

must eat when it’s still warm. there’s a branch at taipa fishing village. people says it gets sold out very fast. it starts selling at 1400 hours.


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