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tired mind

i am tired. i need rest.

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holiday ruins

i am biting the bullets to work out on the stupidest project and hope for i can have my long holidays soon that i was planning to go for on the past month. well guess what NDT will be no more on 1st jan 2008 and there goes my leaves and i can fly no more. thanks again to the management to ruin my plans as i am stupid enough to bite the bullets for u guys and i have NO MORE HOLIDAYS!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!

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well never been so upset about my current company before. i have been doing as what they have ask and what i feel that i am lack of support when it comes to the the policy things. i was told to drive my car for the fucking business trip and when i had accident the management told me that i have to bear with it due to the fucking. well it is pathetic. it seems that like what the old man always said "skin itchy", doing good and get nothing paid in return. this is the fucking company that i have work with and it’s my 5th aniversary working in the company and i have learnt what it means by policy. my boss telling me to cut the crap and he will pay me the repair bill. FUCK THAT! i am not a begger nor i cant afford it nor i will accept it as my fucking christmas gift. it is kinda insulting. i am not need of money as my christmas prensent. i aint the fucking old folks home or handicap person who desperatey need money to operates. well i am sad for all day long for that. 5 years is a long service and i should think of what is my next direction after this incident. when my fucking company is short of infrastructure i offer my car for the travel and traveling by my own transport and driving others down which is not even in my job scope and job requirement. and now they are talking about the fucking policy. well spending 5 years and learn something new, it’s late but well at least it is new… worth it i guess.
2 more weeks and my company will be no more and hell yea… start practicing char koay teow soon! good by NDT and good bye 5 years of service.

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